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A new approach, a new interpretation.

New World

The new World that began forming with the internet; A new world where borders and origin don't matter.

New World Anarchy

A border less code that recognizes every human as his or her own and only owner. A voice for a global culture of empowerment and emancipation.

Anarchy does not mean anomy. Anomy means what most people think of when they hear anarchy; a dystopian state of lawlessness and violence.

Here anarchy means cooperation and seeking consent.

A monopoly of the legitimate use of physical force by the state is welcome to enable a demilitarized society and to secure the peace against violent and dangerous individuals or groups. This anarchy does not aim to abolish any government. It is rather meant as an add-on to social democracy and human rights.

Assuming that a maximization of individual self regulation will reduce state costs I believe that a symbiosis not only possible but reasonable as well.

Human rights have enabled us to evolve an egalitarian welfare system. It still is unfinished but it is there. Now physical welfare is pretty much guaranteed by the solidarity of the system.

But society needs to keep up development. On a technological level paradigm shifts occur rapidly. Society and its culture do not develop as fast.

Globalism is a reality that needs to be embraced and injected with egalitarianism too.

How to make the next step; how to establish emotional welfare?

In a civilized society anarchy means solidarity and empowerment. Equal freedom of choice and sophisticated self regulation could enable our society to become more creative and intelligent.

Peace Prayer for Europe (cc) Jan Buchinger, 2016

The Problem: our Culture of Violence

"In the animal world often the strongest fighter, the one most violent, will gain the highest social status." This belief sometimes guides individuals and groups to degrade their culture of solidarity. Such systems of violence are frightening common, I believe. "Devour and be devoured" is the (group) mode; hereby I am talking about emotional cannibalism! The communication consists in subduing each other and initiation of violence as protective measure is common practice. No one remembers who hurt who first so everyone is perpetrator and victim at the same time. Such a system prevents everyone involved from finding themselves because they are lost in enemy images and feelings of hate. All it does is cultivate the animalistic traits one should overcome to be able to contribute to society in a productive way. How can this jungle law be transcended?

Sadness Sickness

Sadness is an emotion that probably everyone knows. Usually there are some forms of coping like grief with a group or someone else to empathize to begin balancing the pain of the sadness. If someone is left alone with his or her sadness and that individual is not able to cope with the pain to find relief and peace, the state of sadness and confusion normalizes itself; this could then result in some kind of chronic depression. If that person also is socialized by a culture of violence he or she might have learned to utilize violence themselves. Such circumstances, in an environment that generally lacks empathy, could then result in a culture of subconsciously forcing each other to empathize. The connection between individuals is initiated by violence; trauma bonding is the norm. The only way to communicate the own inner state of sadness and pain becomes to inflict pain onto others. Sadness becomes sadism.

A sadists emotional world is dominated by feelings of so much pain that they become blind to feelings. The only way to enjoy life becomes observing the pain, the sadist is burdened with in others. This might be the only moment where an empathetic connection can be established; the only way to feel connected becomes inflicting pain. So sad; but no excuse!

This could be the inner workings of the culture of violence that propagates itself by creating perpetrators by teaching them violence through victimization.

The good message is that by reflecting ones own roles as victim and as perpetrator intensively one can emancipate oneself from this harmful culture of violence and sadism and develop a culture of empathy and respect.

Liberty, Equality, Fraternity

We still need to work on balancing Empowerment. Egalitarianism implies that society should try to enable everyone equally to find the path of emancipation.

A maximum of self determination should be aimed at. To enable free will a differentiated world view is needed. Seeking to observe the lack of freedom of will and factors that may impair free will might refine ones views. Self regulation is often questioned through different channels like culture, religion, capitalism, ... often times it is a sensible choice to subdue to regulations. Many other times on the other hand we are being led by the illusion industry called marketing. It is a general consent that happiness cannot be bought. A thing cannot compensate emotional needs. Yet the marketing industry works exactly this program. Connecting positive emotions to products. Creating subliminal illusions that will pull one subconsciously towards believing to need things to be happy. At the same time everyone knows that the short moment of content doesn't last. But isn't there a conflict in programming millions emotions and beliefs only to increase capital? I do not believe that the state of the marketing art conforms to human rights. Since no one does anything about that it is subject to every individual itself to keep vigilant and reflect wants, needs and beliefs.

A good introduction to how we are manipulated by the marketing industry, governments, companies and others is the 3-part BBC Series on the roots of the practice of (mass) manipulation* in our time.


I am not a very political person. On a spectrum from left to right, I would consider myself non binary. This means that I can be conservative and progressive at the same time by selecting the values that fit my world view. I believe democracy is a good form of state system to secure an egalitarian culture. But a single global democracy seems to monopolistic. I think there can be many democracies for a united world society.

Debugging Society

I want to suggest the following simple rule, words from a song text by Colour Haze. It could act as an Introduction to a world view of solidarity and cooperation:

  • ...There's only one commandment, you can do what you want to
    But never act in hatred, always be with love yeah
    Be with love with all and everything that's living...

    I Won't Stop - Colour Haze

note that this code cannot work without empathy so it is prone to be misinterpreted by people lacking empathy.

To me this code summons up human rights in a very compressed form. I believe that the meaning of the word love in a generalized context is a synonym of respect. Also doing what one wants implies self reflection about wants and needs.

This world view transcends the childish ego centrism of the old generations. it balances the me and the us to achieve the best result for everyone. It also means taking responsibility for own emotions and transmitting empowering messages and filtering impulses from sad or negative emotions from ones field of actions. These negative emotions are like reminders to reflect life strategies and can induce transcendence but they should not be acted upon immediately. It also implies consensual interaction. Any wish of dominance is obsolete.

Rankings and Ladders

Within a group of individuals there will probably somehow always evolve some kind of social order. How can a humanistic and cooperative culture prevail? As first measure to establish a resilient group culture I suggest to commit solidarity to others by accepting them including their weaknesses; implying that the weaknesses of others should never be exploited but the knowledge should be used to treat each other respectful and with care. This is needed for the individual to be able to grow instead of investing energy in hiding flaws and performing shows. How to enable a trustful environment that allows its partakers to display their vulnerabilities? Could some kind of culture of radical humanistic solidarity help out? Even though different people rank differently in the sense of their skill set in a particular context, Respect and cooperation should remain something egalitarian.

Lead and Authority

Having authority in anarchism means being the best role model one can be. Having authority means having responsibility for others. This should not be taken lightly. There is a difference between natural authority and enforced authority. Natural authority is never enforced and can always be questioned by everyone equally. It is there because of Respect and Empathy. Anarchism can only accept natural authority. This means a relationship where someone takes the responsibility to accompany someone younger or less experienced to empower growth. This relationship should always be voluntary; Parents should take the effort to not make the relationship to their children something that is enforced. One that is less experienced or knowledgeable should seek advice from one that has advanced experience and wisdom. Hopefully one doesn’t fall for some charlatan, but this risk exists as I myself have experienced it…

The Arch shamanist

At a time when I was disillusioned and disappointed in the practice of institutional mental health care I wanted to walk a different path and try to find help apart from the pathology and diagnosis driven mental health establishment. I sought help from a shamanist (that later threatened to sue me if I would ever call him a shaman publicly). Though he introduced himself to me as a psycho-social counselor. To this day I am unsure if his method of divination was really reading the matrix, just educated guessing and / or writing the matrix. I really learned a lot from him. He showed me (again) how emotional abuse works. He showed me how Eco-supremacism looks. He showed me a lot of ugly things by demonstrating them. All in all he showed me how important it is to follow ethics codes for mental health care as a professional social or mental health counselor or therapist. After this experience I would prefer some mediocre counselor that is oriented by humanistic values and follows a code of ethics to a powerful animistic magician (that probably only follows his own sinister interests) without thinking twice about it.

But he also introduced me to the "Indigenous Code of Ethics from the Sacred Tree". This really was an illuminous encounter. For a brief moment I almost believed I had nothing to do anymore because what I wanted to create was written in this code. Very much of what is written in this document I resonate with very strongly. This code, created by a council of different native american tribes elders, shows the transcendence of jungle law. But it is not perfect. For example it is kinda ageist. It seems to me that it mixes somehow normal things with very, very important things. It also seems easily misinterpreted and exploitable as demonstrated by The Arch shamanist.

Nonetheless I strongly recommend everyone to read it online* or buy the book "The Sacred Tree" (ISBN 978-0-9415-2458-2).

Emotional Self Defense

A loving and respectful environment should be the common state for example in a group of family members. But at the moment this often is not the case. Often a culture of violence is prevalent. This is hard on children… They are subjected to the violence often without help. But as an adult one always has the option to disobey a system of violence by declining reactions or answers and in the extreme case just walk away.

So there are people out there that were socialized in systems of violence, implying that they were hurt a lot as children. As a consequence they possibly, consciously or unconsciously, use violent strategies to achieve what they want. Especially if they have disturbances in their empathy, interaction can potentially become very hazardous. Please learn about emotional abuse, narcissistic personality disorder, psychopathy and gaslighting and walk away from such abusers as soon as possible; be cautious with showing empathy to people who (obviously) are not able or don't want to reply the same.

Special Respect

Additional to the basic respect people should have for each other, everyone deserves special respect for his or her special function as part of the whole.

On the other hand I believe that no one should respect a tyrant. Historically the patriarch, the boss, the elders, the rich etc. received special respect because of the position of power they held through violence. These structures are slowly but surely disappearing, yet they are still very established.

So I would suggest that Special Respect is due to everyone who does not actively and/or continuously try to subdue or harm the ones around or distant to him or her.

Additionally Special Forbearance is due to children since they are not able to comprehend the world and social norms as the parent (hopefully) and surely need love and affection more than regulation or abridgment. At the same time they need to be restricted from harmful parts of the world and things harmful to children; this process must not itself become harmful to the child.

These thoughts stem from my deep disapproval of the ways of many of the elders I encountered. Someone demanding respect from others and disrespecting them at the same time makes two mistakes. In a perfect world one is always content with the respect he or she receives and in reality Respect is something nonenforceable. Respect through force is no real respect; it in reality is only fear. So respect should never be assumed but always be shown.

The Programmer and the Programmed one

A culture of emancipation implies anarchism. Away from tyranny, away from being exposed to violating programs of the elite to subdue the common masses. Towards self regulation and self determination, towards self realization by self definition. Being an anarchist means being ones own programmer and actively reviewing parts of the self that were programmed by impressions from the outside world. At the beginning it may seem that there is almost only foreign code. But that is only the beginning of consciously designing and realizing the self.

Demystification and Open Source Social Engineering

Especially in anarchism, if one wants or not, everyone has the function of a social engineer. Meaning that everyone is charge of ones own life design. Beginning with the attempt to consciously take control over the own system of norms and values. Differently to the historic approach to manipulate others with proprietary code to achieve a goal, Open Source Social Engineering works on a base of consent. The individual declares to someone else or a group what she or he want or needs. This way norms can be established together and transparently. Everyone knows how to support the others and why.

Vision of Solidarity © Jan Buchinger, 2016

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